Project 101

December 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

One of the greatest joys of my 16th semester as a professor at Hope College has been teaching my very first photography class ("Project 101") through the First-Year-Seminar program.  Teaching students who have had limited exposure to the art of photography, who were using a very wide range of cameras (most utilized only their cell phone cameras), and who were all using different editing software platforms was nothing short of a challenge.  Our primary class assignment was simple: Take, edit, and post on Flickr one photo a day for 101 days -- one for each day of the semester.  Below are some highlights from my students' projects -- click on each photo to go directly to their Flickr page.  Amazing work!

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Untitled Day 98 Circle Day Forty Untitled Untitled Day Four Forrest 2/101 read between the lines. Seventy-Seven Day Sixty One 28. Runner Life forgotten Day Twenty photo Untitled Day 68 Untitled Day 18 Untitled Untitled "Peace" Lighthouse 83/101 Untitled Day Thirty Day 65 Day 78 6. Day 43 Ninety-One 95 5. Eat My Bubbles Day 57. I kinda have a thing for leaves Untitled 41 Day 75


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