Fundraising for Uvalde Victims and Families

May 27, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Dear Friends: 100% of proceeds I earn from new bookings for portrait sessions (headshots, family portraits, senior portraits, etc.) booked between now and June 10, 2022, will go towards Victims First, an independently-verified organization formed by a network of survivors and relatives affected by previous mass shootings. Victims First will provide no-strings-attached cash payments to the family members of the victims in Uvalde.

This is just the beginning. I will do more, I need to do more...I just need to figure out how and when. More details forthcoming. June 10 (above) might seem like an arbitrary date, but that's when my calendar is already full for the summer. For now, I feel like I'm just sitting around, and am desperate to take action.

If you don't want pictures taken, I take no offense. However, I will implore you to click on the GoFundMe below to help the affected families in Uvalde. Just do it - please.



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