Andrew (Drew) Le, a native of Vietnam, is a distinguished photographer whose work captures the beauty of life's moments. With a background as a renowned pianist and Steinway Artist, Drew brings a unique perspective to his photography, blending artistic expression with technical precision.

Having honed his craft since 2007, Drew has established himself as a trusted professional in the world of photography. As a member of Sony Pro Imaging Support and a former Getty Images Artist, his work has been recognized for its exceptional quality and artistry. Exhibitions of his photographic work have been featured in galleries across West Michigan, captivating audiences with his keen eye for detail and composition.

Drew's passion for photography extends beyond capturing images; it's about telling stories and preserving memories. Whether documenting weddings, portraits, or special events, he approaches each project with a dedication to capturing the essence of the moment and creating images that resonate on a deeply emotional level.

In addition to his photography endeavors, Drew has made significant contributions to the world of music as a pianist and educator. With a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Juilliard School and a distinguished career as a performer and teacher, Drew brings a wealth of experience and artistry to his work behind the camera.

Drew resides in Hudson, Ohio, with his wife and their two young children, finding inspiration in the beauty of everyday life and the joy of family. Through his photography, he continues to create timeless images that celebrate the richness of human experience and the beauty of the world around us.