Catalog course description for my Fall 2013/Fall 2014 First-Year Seminar:

Based on the Project 365 concept, this seminar will focus on photojournaling each of the 101 days of your first semester at Hope.  Your Project 101 can centered on any number of themes: a visual blog of your life, something you believe in, an issue you want to draw attention to, snapshots of friends, snapshots of strangers...anything.  Although this course is not meant to be an Intro to Photography class alternative, we'll still discuss fundamentals such as composition, lighting, and basic editing.  We'll also dive deeper into concepts of style and vision.  You will need a digital camera of decent quality (manual controls [aperture value/shutter value/program/full manual mode] would be helpful, but even a cell phone camera will be fine).  You also need to be willing to blog your photos daily, not only to receive constructive critiques from your peers, but to help build community among your classmates.  Upon conclusion of this course, you'll learn the value of daily commitment, realize how neat it is to document perhaps one of the most formative chapters of your young life, see how easy it is to do it through photography, and realize how sharing your vision of life can span bridges and build community.