I am ineffably delighted to offer photography mentoring and coaching to anyone interested in upping their game. With my unique amalgamation of artistic and teaching skills - not to mention an unquenchable eagerness to discuss all things photography - I can absolutely help you elevate your skills to the next level.

Whether you want to learn the basics of composition and lighting, or want help choosing new gear or assistance in maximizing the potential of your existing gear, or need tips for capturing fast-moving action, I'm here for you. Mentoring sessions are an open book: you can ask me a thousand questions; we can edit together; I can review your portfolio and make personalized recommendations. Even tagging along on one of my photo sessions is an option - bring your camera and take photos, and I'll offer constructive critiques afterwards.

Those of you who know me, know that I have always been crazy eager to share my knowledge. I have almost two decades of higher education teaching experience and am ready to put those skills to use for your benefit.

Mentoring and Coaching sessions can be done in-person or over Zoom or FaceTime. You tell me what you want to learn! Your success is my success. I will be your biggest cheerleader.


One hour, one-on-one personalized mentoring session -- $85

One hour, group mentoring session (2-6 people) -- $45/person

Photo session shadowing (portraiture and family sessions only - includes critiques) -- $275


“I had the unique privilege of shadowing Drew on two of his wedding sessions. Wow! What a treasure trove of new skills and information! Drew is, first and foremost, a teacher. As he is instructing his couples on posing, he’s also giving advice to the person he’s coaching, commenting on composition, lighting, background, color, lens to use, etc etc etc. If you’ve ever wanted to get into wedding or family photography - this is the best way to do it! During breaks in between locations, Drew would talk about photography equipment, lens, pros and cons of different cameras, best bargain websites, editing software, location tips, and so on. My biggest regret was not being able to have a tape recorder on me 😄. This is an investment you will not regret. Furthermore, Drew is warm and kind and funny. You’ll walk away with a friend for life.”
- Marina K.


Questions about mentoring, or to book a session, contact me here.